Why blog?

1)   I love writing.

 From the time I wake up to when I go to bed at night it feels like there are words whooshing through my brain. Recalled conversations, imagined conversations, shopping lists, to do lists. I sometimes stumble over my words when I’m talking, struggling to pull the right words from the melee in my head. Writing can be such a slower process it gives me time to choose the words that are just right to express what I mean. I love the act of refining a piece, chipping away at the rough edges, smoothing it down and polishing it till it shines.

 2)   I have a terrible memory.

It’s appalling, I mean really bad. What was I saying again? Ha, just kidding. It’s a bit of a joke in my family, but on a serious note I worry that these precious days I am spending bringing up my two gorgeous children will one day be lost from my memory forever. I cannot let this happen.

So…… these two points are the reason I am writing this blog. My passion for writing and my desire to keep my memories alive.  And if I can bring a little humour to peoples’ lives along the way, well, then that’s just a bonus :-)