Day Zero Project

Just lately I have been lacking focus, motivation and feel as though I am not achieving anything. Then I stumbled across this website. Within 24 hours I had written my list. How's that for focus, motivation and achievement? 

So here's my list of 101 things I will achieve in the next 1001 days. My start day is today, the 16th November 2011. My finish date is 13th August 2014. I will blog about most of the items as I do them.  

Here's the list:

1.  Eat in a Sushi bar
3.  Take up running
4.  Take The Whirlwind to London to the Science Museum
5.  Take the kids to Centre Parcs
6.  Read 5 literary classics 1 ***
7.  Experience Go ape
8.  Go Segway rallying
9.  Visit Brimham Rocks
10.  Learn to sew on a button
11.  Learn a language
12.  Write a letter to open to myself in 10 years
13.  Write a letter for the children on their birthdays each year The Giggle Monster 1, 2, 3, 4 The Whirlwind  4, 5, 6.
14.  Ban TV for a week
15.  Don’t log in to Facebook for a week
16.  Write about 5 events/incidents/experiences in my past 1/5
18.  Grow vegetables and herbs
19.   Nag my husband to sort shelving/storage in bathrooms
20.  Write a will
21.  Write a children’s story
22.  Write a song
23.  Write a cv
24.  Go to New York
25.  private target
26.   Complete couch to 5k challenge
27.   Do a photography course
28.  Have a date night every two months
30.  Write chapter one of The Novel
31.  Try Pilates
33.  Buy a bike
34.  Ask 10 friends to recommend one book and read them all.*
35.  Put away £5 for every target I complete and then go on a shopping spree.
36.   Donate £5 to charity for every task I don’t complete
37.  Help raise money for a cause/charity.
38.  Declutter the house and sell stuff.
39.  Buy a lottery ticket.
40.  Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with the letter ‘A’.**
42.  Go tubing
43.  Dye my hair/have a drastic haircut
44.   Give up alcohol for a month
45.  Don’t complain about anything for a week
46.  Visit Holt Park
47.  Visit Sheringham Park
48.  Take a photo of a landscape through all seasons
49.   Go for a week without bread
50.   See my old university pals
51.  Get the washing machine fixed
52.  Throw away all my bras and replace
53. Finish my daughter’s baby scrapbook
54.  Buy a sledge and use it
55. Write about the three most significant days of my life 1, 2, 3
56.  Take the kids to Legoland
57.  Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
60. Go indoor rock climbing
61. Private task
62. Make an album of my favourite songs to introduce the children to music 1 2 3 4
63. Get a job
64. Go to a family orientated festival with the children
65. Go to a festival without the children
67. Use my soup maker
68. Go punting in Cambridge
69.  Try Zumba
70.  Go to a Rockabilly event
71.  Delete junk from computer
72.  Get some family shots with a professional photographer
73.  Print a selection of photos to fill a small album for very year of my kids’ lives
74.  Take the kids camping
75.  Spend a day milling about the city with no purpose
76.  Decorate the childrens’ rooms
77.  Go on an all-inclusive, child orientated holiday somewhere in the sun.
78.  Take my Mum on a city break
79.  Get my ‘colours’ done.
80.  Take the kids strawberry picking
81.  Find a storage solution to the toys
82.  Have a makeover
83.  Organise a family BBQ at Thetford Forest
84.  Stay up until midnight on New Years Eve
85.   Enter 10 competitions
86.  Take a spa break
87.  Have chips off the market on a cold winters day
88.  Finish learning triad theory stuff on guitar so I can play any chord in the world.
89.  Take a video clip of the children playing at least twice a year.
91.  Keep  memory jar for a year and read on New Year's Eve.
92.  Make a cheesecake
93.  Learn 3 songs that I can play and sing (albeit badly) all the way through without looking at a book.
94.  Go to Corsica or Sardinia
95.  Give up cake and biscuits for a week.
97.  Build a snow man with my children
99.  Turn my phone off for the weekend
100.  Eat an entire a meal using chopsticks
101.  Take the children rock pooling


'I left my Tent in San Francisco', Emma Kennedy 
'The Horse Boy', Rupert Isaacson
'The Book Thief' -  Markus Zusak
'50 Shades of Grey' Trilogy - E L James
'Perfect People' - Peter James
'Weirdo' - Cathi Unston 
'The Kite Runner' - Khaled Hosseini 
'This is Where I Leave You' - Johnathan Tropper
'One Child' - Torey Hayden

A - American History X
B- Blade Runner 
C - Coming to America
D - District 9

'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie', Muriel Spark