About Me

I’m a lucky girl.  In 2005 I met the most fantastic person who I married in 2009. We have two gorgeous two children together, a girl and a boy. I am taking a career break to look after these crazy kids and I’m having a ball (most of the time!). Anyway that’s enough of the gushing.

Here a few random facts about me to paint a bit more of a picture:

- I quite often find myself speaking in different accents for no apparent reason. 

- One of my life ambitions is to write and record an album, playing all instruments myself.

- I anticipate with much excitement the first outing of my flip flops every year.

- I physically crave to travel.

- My Mum always tells people I believed in Father Christmas until I was 14- it's not true!

- I can't walk slowly, much to the annoyance of friends and family.

- I have the most enormous appetite and eat more and quicker than anyone else I know.

- I may have a degree in English, but I still can't get the whole practice/practise affect/effect thing!

- Music makes my world go round, without it I would be like a fish without water.

- I have to have my daily dose of Aussie soaps and secretly fantasize about living on Ramsey Street. *blush*

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