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The home run now.....

1st October 2012. A new page for the final few months of the year and the final part of this photo project. 'Gramps' (my Dad) looked after The Giggle Monster today while I made the long journey back home from Istanbul. The Hubster took this, I love it!

2nd October 2012. I picked up my new Iphone 5 today, yay! I sat down to have a play with it when The Giggle Monster had his nap, but of course I had no-one to take photos of. This did give me the excuse to play around with the reversible camera though. Bit of serious pose, but when I smile so close up my wonky tooth is so prominent!

3rd October 2012. One cheeky boy.

4th October. One new swimming hat purchase = one thrilled four year old!!

5th October 2012. Today I met some friends at a local soft play place. It's the first time I've taken just The Giggle Monster on his own to one of these places. He absolutely loved it. It was quite the work out for me as he was too small to play on the main structure on his own, but not interested in the toddler area!

6th October. Putting the much loved swim hat to use.

7th October 2012. We took The Hubster's parents out for tea as it is Grandad's birthday tomorrow. It was a pub we hadn't been to before and we were very impressed with the food and the kids loved the play area.

8th October 2012. Being silly with the new iPhone camera!

9th October 2012. It was a beautiful Autumn day today so The Giggle Monster and I took a walk round Whitlingham Broad. Today plopping the stones in the puddles and stirring it up with a stick was more fun than jumping in them.

10th October 2012. We've tried jigsaws before but it's only ever ended in frustration. Today we tried again and suddenly The Giggle Monster mastered the art of putting two pieces together. The most commonly used phrase today was 'more jigsaw?'. At one point we had every jigsaw we own out on the living room floor!

11th October 2012. The Giggle Monster is loving his books at the moment. He would sit and read them all day quite happily (just like his Mummy!). Today he wanted to alternate between his mini book of Humpty Dumpty and then the version in his big Nursery Rhyme book. This his "Ow hurt head' face.

12th October 2012. Jigsaws are still very much flavour of the week!

13th October 2012. Enjoying tea and biscuits (and jelly!) in the garden. Probably for the last time this year!

14th October 2012. Cakes for the cake sale at The Whirlwind's school tomorrow. Mummy fail of epic proportion!

15th October 2012. The Whirlwind chilling watching the telly after school.

16th October 2012. The Giggle Monster wearing his sister's spooky specs.

17th October 2012. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon - wrapping presents and watching a chick flick! These are all for The Whirlwind's friends, she has so many parties coming up over the next few weeks!

18th October 2012. The Whirlwind had a lovely time at her cousin's pamper party today!

19th October 2012. The Giggle Monster is still loving his books, especially when they involve shapes!!

20th October 2012. The Whirlwind has been keen on sounding out words this week so I picked out the sounds The Whirlwind has learnt so far at school and asked her to spell a CVC few words. She managed them all without any help. She then impressed me even more by writing all of the letters when I gave her the sounds. I knew she could read all of her sounds, but she has always been quite reluctant to write so I was even more impressed by this. Well done The Whirlwind!!

21st October 2012. The Whirlwind's best friend took her (and me!) out to the cinema, followed by lunch at Pizza Hut and rounded off with a trip to buy a treat at the Disney Store. What lucky girls!

22nd October 2012. The fact that we have the whole of winter laying ahead of us has hit me in the last couple of weeks. I'm not the biggest fan of winter, and my way of coping is usually stuffing my face with too many cakes, biscuits and chocolate. I've dont this over the past fortnight and it's left me feeling really sluggish and lacking in energy. So today is the start of a new healthier way of eating. I was very excited by my first ever Graze box full of yummy looking, but healthy (ish!) snacks.

23rd October 2012. My children are amazing me this week with the sheer rate they are learning. Tonight The Whirlwind came home and wanted to play aeroplanes. This meant all of her toys needed passports, apparently. So she sat down and drew a cat and then wrote 'cat' next to it. This amazed me because firstly, she made the choice to come home and draw and write, which in the past she has been reluctant to do. But also, it shows she has now made the step between spelling words using magnets, to actually writing the letters herself from memory. She then decided her cat's name was actually 'Catty' so I told her to add another t and a y. (Let's scoot around the fact that she actually wrote a g!) I'm so proud of her. The Giggle Monster has been coming out with about 10 words a day this week and is talking in sentences some of the time. Very proud Mummy indeed this week!

24th October 2012. There are beautiful colours everywhere at the moment, even when the sky is grey. These leaves were a stunning yellow, the photo didn't quite capture the brightness so I tweaked the temperature a bit.

25th October 2012. Yesterday we made some leaf prints using paint. Today we did some leaf rubbings with crayons and voila....a lovely Autumn tree.

26th October 2012. The Whirlwind got a free set of watercolour paints with a magazine and she spent ages this afternoon painting Cinderella. Such concentration!

27th October 2012. The Whirlwind was thrilled with this lovely skirt and tights set she received from her great Aunt and uncle this week.

28th October 2012.  We definitely need the matching blue one!

29th October 2012. It's always a struggle to think of what to do in the holidays when the weather isn't great. The Castle Museum always goes down well with the kids though, and they get more out of it each time we go.

30th October 2012. Goodnight kiss. A bad quality photo but so sweet.

31st October 2012. Two cheeky monkeys in a Halloween themed dungeon at the Dinosaur Park!

1st November 2012. I have been struggling this month to get to the end of the project. There are only so many cute pics you can take of your children*. So this month I am taking inspiration from Fat Mum Slim who gives a prompt for every day of the month. Today's prompt is 'something beginning with 'c'.' I took this first thing this morning- I can't decide if the 'c' stands for cute, comfort or contentment. * Hmmm, just realised I have done this again anyway! I will try harder tomorrow!

2nd November 2012. 'Colour'. Now we are in November, we can actually say 'Christmas is next month!' so I decided it was time the Christmasy colour nail varnish came out. My red wine just happened to match.

3rd November 2012. 'Breakfast'. It was almost as if I planned today's activities around the prompt as today I just happened to have arranged a family gathering over brunch. What a perfect photo opportunity I thought. I was thinking either some evidence of my tasty Benedict Royale, or a (rare) photo of all my favourite people in one room. Unfortunately I got so overexcited as soon as the delicious plateful of food was put in front of me, I forgot to get one of my food. I struggled to get a decent picture of the whole table so instead I have this picture of everyone not looking the right way and looking a bit fuzzy. But still, it's always nice to have photo of a time even if it just serves to trigger the memories!

4th November 2012. 'TV'. The Hubster had to do some work today. But - dilemma, the Grand Prix was on. How was it solved? Simples. Just move the kitchen (work) table into the living room of course.

5th November 2012. '5 o'clock'. This is pretty much what 5 o'clock looks like every day in this household, the food obviously varying slightly. Tonight was comfort food for a cold wintery day - sausages, mash, brocolli, peas and lots of gravy. Yum!

6th November 2012. 'A favourite thing'. My favourite thing in this picture is not so much a thing, but more of a 'favourite thing to do'. Reading in bed, in the winter time. Pure bliss.

7th November 2012. 'Reflection'. The Giggle Monster has loved puddle jumping over the past couple of weeks and has been fascinated by the fact he can see 'Saso' (his name for himself) in the puddle. I was going to try and get a picture of this but then I managed to catch this moment on my phone in the supermarket where he was playing boo with himself.

8th November 2012. 'Something you do every day.' I've flipped this around and this is a picture of something I don't do every day. This is the tasty birthday breakfast my lovely husband cooked for me and brought me up to bed this morning.

9th November 2012. 'Small'. Today we went out for a delicious meal at Jamie Oliver's. I recently read about a new-ish cocktail bar in the city which had excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. After the meal we sought it out and weren't disappointed. Here is my small, but perfectly formed Parisian Orchid cocktail, served in a small, but perfectly delightful venue. 42 King Street for my local friends and family, try it now! 

10th November 2012. The sky was stunning around 4.30 this evening, full of pinks and oranges so we decided to get wrapped up and go in search of the perfect shot. It's so hard to capture the magnificence of an amazing sunset though. Instead The Hubster took this one of The Whirlwind on her scooter. I really like it, it's got such a feel of movement to it. ( I'm not following the prompt today.)

11th November 2012. We took the kids bowling today. This is one of about 15 shots I tried to take of them together, they just weren't playing ball (no pun intended). I thought it was quite amusing how not only did they match each other, they matched their bowling shoes too (completely unintentional on my part!).

12th November 2012. 'Drink'. My Mum kindly looked after the children this afternoon while I got some Christmas shopping done. After a mad couple of hours of frenzied spending, I went to sit down and reassess the shopping list and shelter from the rain at a lovely new patisserie.

13th November 2012. Today was strangely mild and sunny so I took my camera down to the park after school. I was attempting to get a nice, clear pic of The Giggle Monster with some of the gorgeous Autumn colours in the background. Quite pleased with the result.

14th November 2012. I've been thinking about getting a new hairstyle for a while so went on an internet search to look for a site where you can upload your photo and try out different colours and styles. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find a decent one, but I did stumble across Marks and Spencers webiste where you can give yourself a virtual makeover. Ta da!

15th November 2012. Today I had a very special birthday treat which included a Thai facial and shoulder massage followed by a two course Thai lunch. The massage was heavenly and the Thai lunch delicious! Thank you Sue :-)

16th November 2012. After school today The Whirlwind's teacher called me to one side to tell me that she had been awarded Star of the Week for trying so hard with her reading and writing. The Whirlwind was super proud of herself and took me to see the certificate on the wall in the hall. Needless to say, I was very proud too!

17th November 2012. The Whirlwind at football practice this morning. The crazy chick.

18th November 2012. A chilly morning but we still managed to get out for a walk around the Broad.

19th November 2012. The day started badly. We awoke to no heating and as I just have to have a shower every day, I had a freezing cold shower. Somehow I managed to really hurt my neck and was in agony for the rest of the day. The Giggle Monster was a Grumpy Monster. Then this glass smashed. Of course it wasn't a nice clean break, but it broke into quite literally thousands of pieces. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day!

20th November 2012. It's been all about the marble run today!

21st November 2012. Today The Whirlwind brought her first reading book home from school. She was so excited and read it perfectly.

22nd November 2012. I am absolutely gutted as today I didn't take a photograph. I was so close to the end too! I realised at about 9.30pm while in bed watching 'I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here!'. It was during the adverts so I thought to myself that although it wouldn't be the greatest picture, once the programme recommenced I would take a picture. I thought that at least in 20 years time it would bring back the memory of this awful programme the nation were gripped by. But then I promptly fell asleep. This photo is the moment recreated the next morning after the realisation of what had happened.

23rd November 2012. The most common after school activity is 'doorwing' and writing at the moment.

24th November 2012. The kids have been to so many parties recently we have a real excess of sweets. I've been trying to avoid them on a school night as eating them after tea isn't always conducive to sleep, so at the weekend it's a real treat!

25th November 2012. I brought this table down as we had 12 people over for dinner today. The kids had a lovely time playing tea parties!

26th November 2012. Aunty Jane and Uncle Rob spent and hour bickering working really hard together to build The Giggle Monster a monster sized train track. He took one look at it and went and got his marble run out! Sorry Aunty Jane and Rob, but at least your team working skills gave me a giggle ;-)

27th November 2012. I am the most uncreative person, ever. But when browsing the internet for ideas for The Whirlwind's up and coming Rapunzel themed birthday party, I saw some cute cupcakes with fondant Pascal figures on top. Here is my attempt using play doh! Somehow think it is going to be a little trickier recreating them out of icing!

28th November 2012. The Giggle Monster's Picasso style potato head!

29th November 2012. Usually I get the Christmas sacks (full of Christmas books, DVDs and Christmas toys) down on the 1st December, but since the children are staying with the grandparents this weekend we got it out tonight. They were very excited!

30th December 2012. I received a very thin, A4 sized package in the post today. It was in the most ridiculously huge box with stacks of packaging!

1st December 2012. This weekend was child free thank you to The Hubster's kind parents. The only plan we had today was to meet my family at 1pm in the pub. We had a super afternoon drinking beers, chatting with no interruptions and eating pies. I can't think of a more prefect way to spend the afternoon!

2nd December 2012. I spotted these rather festive looking berries on our walk around our village today.

3rd December 2012. JoJo (my Mum) being here after school caused much excitement this afternoon!

4th December 2012. The Giggle Monster's new favourite viewing position.

5th December 2012. It's been Tantrum Central here this week. I wasn't looking forward to the final trip into the city to complete my shopping this morning, but The Giggle Monster was so good I treated him (and me of course!) to a mini cupcake from BBs. I do prefer to go to non-chain local cafes but I love the fact that BBs do a Babycino and a mini cupcake both for 50p!

6th December 2012. Round two of writing-of-the-Christmas-cards for The Whirlwind today. I offered to write her friends' names for her but she wanted to do all the writing herself. I am amazed at how enthusiastic she's suddenly become about all things to do with reading and writing.

7th December 2012. Today was a hard morning. The Giggle Monster had three massive tantrums before we even left the house. On the way back from school though it started snowing. The Giggle Monster was intrigued by the white stuff falling from the sky, I guess he can't remember last year. We stood on the doorstep and watched it and caught some flakes. That moment kind of made up for the bad start to the day. This is him gazing at the snow from his bedroom window.

8th December 2012. There's nothing better than hanging out with Daddy in The Bus on the weekend, especially when you get to sit in the driver's seat!

9th December 2012. It was The Hubster's birthday last week but he was away working so this morning he finally got his special birthday breakfast. Fresh berries, maple syrup and pancakes, yum!

10th December 2012. The Whirlwind had her Christmas performance today. I was so proud, she sang along with all the songs and really looked like she was enjoying herself. A huge improvement from last year when she mainly picked her nose!

11th December 2012. Today was The Whirlwind's birtthday. We had a lovely meal out with the family to celebrate. I took a great photo of everyone round the table, but unfortunately the birthday girl was hiding!

12th December 2012. The Giggle Monster's interpretation of where the carrot should go on a snowman. Sorry. It's the small things that cheer up your day when you have no adult company!

13th December 2012. Rubbish got-to-the-end-of-the-day-and-hadn't-taken-a-photo-so-quickly-took-one photo.

14th December 2012. Many of my friends have produced rather marvellous looking cup cakes at parties lately. How hard can it be, I naively thought. My Mum (fellow virgin icing piper) and I were in stitches after our attempt to ice these cakes for The Whirlwind's party tomorrow. They rather resembled the look of a something a poorly dog may produce on the pavement. Oh dear. I soon changed tack and went for a completely different style of icing to avoid such comparison by the five year olds attending The Whirlwind's party!

15th December 2012. Today was The Whirlwind's 5th birthday party. Planning and carrying out a kids' party takes time, effort and money. I can safely say though it was time, effort and money well spent as The Whirlwind absolutely loved her party. She was in her element with her friends and cousins around her and the entertainer we hired did an excellent job of making her feel very special.

16th December 2012. What do you do when you have so many new toys, you just can't decide what to play with first? Why, you take all your toys out and climb in the box of course!

17th December 2012. Poorly boy :-(

18th December 2012. 'Need cuddle' has been the catchphrase today.

19th December 2012. Feeling well enough to clean up after 'messy Daddy' (his words!) today!

20th December 2012. Daddy has been flavour of the day today!

21st December 2012. The perks of being a grown up - you get to open your Christmas present early! I'm so excited to put this bad boy into action!

22nd December 2012. My, what lovely earrings!

23rd December 2012. Despite the children not being 100% today they were still just about well enough to go and meet the Big Man himself. They loved the Winter Wonderland and the Father Christmas was the best I'd ever seen. He really took time to talk to the children. There was also a magic show and 4D theatre which were both excellent.I can imagine we will coming here for a few years to come!

24 December 2012.  For the first time in a good few years The Whirlwind woke up in the night crying. Yesterday she complained of a sore 'cheek' (tooth? ear?!) . She's really not been her self all day, but did perk up before bedtime. New PJs are a must for Christmas Eve and the kids were very excited about this early present!

25th December 2012. Today we cooked Christmas dinner for the very first time for my side of the family. It all went well and it was a really lovely day. Disappointingly, we didn't get a group shot. Although it seemed a shame not to have one of the children on Christmas Day, this was the most entertaining shot of the day!

26th December 2012. Another day of fun, family and food today!

27th December 2012. This is exactly what the period between Christmas and New Year should be about - snuggling in front of the telly with a great new Box Set (Breaking Bad if you're interested), glass of wine, new PJs and chocolate. Perfect. (Please excuse the mess. The Hubster decided this was the idealtime to dismantle a bed to create a new one to fit in our bus!)

28th December 2012. Another must for that bubble of time between Christmas and New Year - staying in your PJs all morning because you're too busy playing with your new toys to get dressed.

29th December 2012. How do you like my boots?!

30th December 2012. Due to illness the children have spent a lot of time inside lately. Today The Whirlwind needed to burn off some excess energy before bed with some dancing!

31st December 2012. The last day of the project. I really wanted this to be a special, significant one. But unfortunately it wasn't to be. I'm poorly, and The Giggle Monster after just about recovering from the last bout of illness, has gone rapidly down hill again today. He's spent the whole day on my lap not talking. Let's hope New Year brings some health!

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the 366 Photo Challenge and I'm certainly going to miss it. Since I stopping writing my blog I haven't been bothered at looking at my statistics, but a quick look today has surprised to see they are a fair few people visiting still, so thank you for stopping by! I'm planning to write a short round up/off post about the 366 project soon.

Over and out for now x


  1. Kels I have really enjoyed looking through these photos as the year has passed. You're really going to struggle to top this next year - but knowing you, you'll probably manage it. See you soon x

    1. Ah thanks Pops. I feel like I'm running out of steam with it at the moment! Glad to see you are still having a look though! x

  2. I'm still looking too! And I bet Nat is lol! xxx

  3. Did you sell many of your cakes? xx

  4. No Sue, I couldn't face the embarrassment of them not selling so my very lucky family got to eat them all! x

  5. Breakfast was great yesterday - can't wait to see the photos!!! xx

    1. Sorry to disapppoint Sue, it's not a great one! In fact the one you took of the back of Pops' head with my phone nearly beat it!

  6. Yay you updated :) I was getting withdrawal symptoms :) xxx

    1. He he hardly worth getting excited about I'm afraid Sam! Nearing the end now.....! xx

  7. Hahahaha I have been cracking up at the dog produce picture :) xxx

  8. Dec. 25th I think your photo for Christmas Day will be right up there with the best photos of the year. Definitely one that will be shown over the years to come. X

  9. Nooooooooooo what will I do with my life now?!! ;) xxx


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