Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dear Theo ( aged 4)

Dear Theo,

Another year, another clichéd phrase. Time has flown; time has sped by at the speed of light. But it really has.

Four. Years. Old. Wow.

You’ve changed so much every year of your life, of course. Apart from the birth to one year I think this year you have changed the most. Physically you haven’t changed much, you’re just a bit taller. But wow, you come on in leaps and bounds this year.

You started preschool last September. You found the separation very hard at first. In fact it took a whole half term for you to be able to say goodbye without crying. This tore me apart and I spent hours worrying and wondering whether I was doing the right thing. I cut your hours down to just 3 hours 3 times a week and then decided we both had to stay strong and stick with it. Fast forward to today. You now go to preschool with a smile on your face. You don’t love it, but you understand it is part of our routine and you are happy enough to go.

The most positive thing about your time at preschool is that your friendships have really blossomed. You have a best buddy, Hugo.  You were beginning to be friendly last year, but spending time at preschool together every week has really cemented that friendship. You have a very sweet relationship and I really hope it continues. You have lots of other friends too, I feel so happy you are going off to school with already so many friends. You have really discovered the joy of other people in the last 6 months; friends, family and even strangers.

You are such a loving and affectionate boy still. You tell me numerous times a day that you ‘yove me, so much’! You are most put out if you ever get up after me and miss out on your morning ‘snuggles’. Please don’t ever stop this, it brings me so much joy and happiness.

This year you have made a few discoveries. You picked up your balance bike a few months ago and were barely off it for weeks. You are pretty speedy on it! Daddy has just spray painted your big sister’s old bike red and you are really embracing the pedals. I think by this time next year you will be ready to have those stabilisers off and then the world will be ours to discover.

At the start of the year we started swimming lessons together. I was wary as you were so anxious in the water and would scream if I carried you deeper than you could stand. Fast forward to now and you are really at home in the water. You are beginning to swim using floats and a woggle. I am so proud of how you have overcome your fear so quickly.

Another discovery has been Lego. It’s the main toy of choice at the moment and you enjoy both following instructions and being creative and making up your own designs too.

Some passions remain. You are still crazy about pirates. It’s lovely to see you and your sister playing imaginary games with your Playmobil pirate sets. You are also still intrigued by anything animal related- bugs, sea creatures, African animals, dinosaurs….the list goes on.

You are starting to school in September. For months I have been saying that you are too young and that you are not ready. In truth, you are ready.  It’s just me who’s not. You have skipped off happily to all your settling in sessions. You have come out full of stories of what you have been doing. You are excited about school. I’m so glad. You are going to be doing part time until Christmas so I will still get to spend afternoons with you. I will cherish every one.

Thank you for lighting up my life every day little fella.

Love you m and s.

Mummy xxxx