Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dear Ella (aged five)

Dear Ella,

Today you are five years old.  Half a decade! Wow. My chest fills with my emotion and my eyes with happy tears as I think back to that day five years ago when I met you for the first time. 

You don’t really look that different from last year. Mainly, your clothes are just a bit shorter. The changes in you this year are harder to see, but they are certainly there none-the-less.

You started school in September.  School wasn’t as easy a transition as I had hoped. You loved preschool so much and you had a fantastic group of friends. Suddenly, you knew no-one and were expected to stay all day every day. You went through a period of two weeks where you cried every morning. It broke my heart and I must admit I even thought (very fleetingly!) of home schooling you as I couldn’t bear to see you so upset. Of course, you now have so many friends and absolutely love school. I am so proud of you, and how you got through this tricky time so quickly and battled to be brave.

You went into school knowing most of your sounds and just three months on you are now reading so many words and spelling them too. You brought home your first book about a month ago. You were so excited and so proud that you could read it all by yourself. It was a precious moment.

You are still such a fantastic big sister. Your brother can be noisy, irrational and unpredictable, but most of the time you and I stick together and ignore him when he is being difficult. You are both very affectionate towards each other which I love so much. Yesterday you sat next right next to him on the sofa to watch Jack Frost ‘just in case you get scared, Mister’.

I love the fact that I am beginning to share two of my passions in life with you- music and books. At the moment you are really enjoying my new favourite album by The Lumineers and you sing along to the words with me. We’ve just finished reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory together. As a child, Roald Dahl was my absolute favorite author. When a new book came out, I was there at the bookshop buying it in hardback. I love that I’m now recreating these memories with you. You enjoyed the story so much and surprised me every night with how much detail you remembered from the night before. I love that your compassionate nature had you worrying whether Augustus Gloop would ever find his way out of those chocolate pipes and whether Violet Beauregarde would ever go back to her pre-blueberry shape and colour.

This year for your birthday we bought you, among other things, clothes. It’s the first time we’ve bought you clothes as before you have never been that bothered by them and it seemed a pretty unexciting present to give. However, over the past year you have grown to fall in love with anything that swishes when you twirl or is sparkly/glittery. You love to go into your wardrobe and choose what to wear.

Despite your love for all things glittery, sparkly and princess related, you love nothing more than running to the top of the hill round the corner from our house and rolling down on your tummy shrieking with the fun of it all. The muddier you get the better.

You are such a good girl. You love being praised and though no-one would ever accuse you of being a goody two shoes, you do strive to please. This doesn’t mean you don’t test the boundaries every now and again, but you’ve got to love a bit of cheekiness. Yesterday we had this conversation:

Ella: Mummy, can I have some sweets please?
Me: No. We don’t have sweets on a school night.
Ella: Please????
Me: No Ella. Don’t keep asking, you know I don’t ever change my mind.
Ella: Right!! Well, if you don’t let me have any sweets I will put this yoghurt lid on your head!
Me: [stumped for a second} Erm….. well if you do that…..I will eat all your sweets!
Ella: Ah. Just joking mummy.

I loved this little exchange. I loved your hilarious threat and my equally as mature comeback, ahem. I also love how you realised you were never going to win so just made out you were joking. I wish your brother would respond so well to my threats!

You are such a happy little girl. I am sure that whenever anyone thinks of you, they imagine you with a huge grin on your face. I hope this never changes.  

Until next year my gorgeous, clever, glittery, sparkly, muddy, cheeky, smiling girl.

I love you millions and squillions plus a bit more.

Mummy xxxxxxx

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  1. How wonderful (for both of you) to read this back in years to come. Pops x


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