Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dear Baby Boy (aged two)

As part of my Day Zero Project, I have pledged to write my children a letter for every birthday. Here's my letter to The Giggle Monster on his second birthday:

Dear Baby Boy,

I have been saying for months that when you turn two you will no longer be a baby. But I have changed my mind. Three is definitely the new two. You are still in a cot, you still guzzle your morning milk from a sippy cup, you still toddle about in nappies and are happily pushed about in your pushchair. By the time you are three, I’m sure you will no longer be doing these things. Perhaps, just perhaps, I might accept that you are no longer a baby then. Or maybe not.

I suppose some people may read this and say I am reluctant to face the fact that my baby is growing up.  Yes, in some respects of course this is true, who isn’t? But gorgeous boy, you are learning, growing, changing and progressing every single day and I am so, so proud of every step.

Six months ago you had one word, duck, or ‘dut’. In the past month you have gone from about 10 words to nearly 50. You have gone from occasionally putting two words together to yesterday putting four words together. It’s incredible. You really made me wait for that moment when you first called me Mummy. It was a fortnight ago and it still gives me a physical surge of joy every time I hear it.

About 6 weeks ago you gave me your first, proper sloppy kiss, completed by a very loud mwtuah noise! Since then I am always requesting kisses. I quite often ask for a kiss and you shake your head or say ‘no!’. Maybe the fact your kisses are numbered makes them even more special.

Just two months ago you would cling to me when we were somewhere unfamiliar. I would have to take you with me everywhere, even to the toilet. Apart from the people close to you, you didn’t really interact with other people. Then two months ago we were at the Dinosaur park and my friend’s husband offered his had to you mid tantrum. To my amazement, you took it and went off and played with him, out of my sight, for half an hour. It’s been uphill ever since. You talk to all the important grow ups in your life and are starting to play with your little friends too.

You still love animals. ‘Dats’ (cats) and doggies are your favourite. You’re rather fond of ‘hawhees’ too. It’s a great distraction technique when you are getting restless in the buggy. You spent ages at your birthday party on Sunday stroking a little dog, giggling away.

You have a new passion in your life since I last wrote to you. They come in all shapes and sizes and colours. You like to ‘plop’ them in puddles, down drains and in rivers……’Stow!’ (stones). Everywhere you go you find a new one or five for your collection.

You love your sister ‘Eyeee’ so much. You miss her when she’s not around and ask where she is. She really looks out for you and translates for you when other people don’t know what you’re saying. You kiss each other every night before you go to bed. Yesterday I forgot and sent her up to her room without one, but you soon made it clear you were not going without your goodnight kiss.

In September your big sister will be going off to school, it will be just you and me. I did have your name down to start preschool at the same time, but then I changed my mind. There’s no rush and I don’t think you are quite ready yet. Ok, I guess I am not ready either. I’m really looking forward to having you for another term all to myself, though gosh I’m going to miss that sister of yours. I have lots of fun stuff planned for the two of us though, things I did with your sister but found difficult to do  with the two of you.

So next time I write to you, you will be three. Three! That really is little boy territory.  I know that between now and then we are going to have so much fun and you will continue to grow and change a whole lot more.

Until then, my beautiful, perfect baby boy.

All the love in the world,

Mummy xxxxxxxxx

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