Monday, 9 April 2012

Listography Top 5 Male Solo Artists

I haven't blogged for a while, life keeps getting in the way, but when I saw that Kate's listography this week was music related I had to join in.

1) Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks. What an album. I love every song. I possibly know all the lyrics. ( And he smiled at me when I shouted 'Bob! Give us a smile!' at a gig in Brighton. No, really he did!)

2) Bob Marley - Legend. Yep, hands up, I have a thing about Bobs. Legendary, this album certainly is.

3) Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams. I would be surprised if this turns up on any other lists, but I love Jack Johnson. His voice is so soothing and listening to his albums really relaxes me. The summer of 2005 I went on holiday - Singapore to Brisbane, to Fiji, to Melbourne and then home via Las Vegas and I swear I heard it at every place! Happy memories.

4) Ryan Adams - Gold. My Dad who writes at Apache Territory once wrote a post called An Album That Everyone Should Own. He's right. You should.

5) Van Morrison - At the Movies: Soundtrack Hits. Van the Man. He's a grumpy old git, but boy can he belt 'em out. Bit of a cheat putting a best of on, but it is such a good one.

You can check other people's lists out over at Kate takes 5.


  1. Wow Bob Dylan smiled at you! Blood on the Tracks is a fantastic album, but I chose Desire cos I discovered it my myself (whereas Blood on the Tracks was one of the Dylan albums my dad played over and over).

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    2. He did! It's my one claim to fame! Good choice.

  2. Great list, though I only know a few of them!
    Am off to try and find Ryan Adams - he sounds interesting! :)

  3. Hi Jack Johnson made my list too so there you go :)

  4. Whoa whoa whoa. Have you been rifling through my collection? Have and love every one of these :)

  5. I almost put Jack Johnson on my list (Banana Pancakes is my fave from that album).


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