Friday, 13 April 2012

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take......

There may be a drought in this country at the moment, but I feel like I am drowning.

I have been battling with you for months. It must be at least four. There was one day when I woke up and you had disappeared. Gone, completely. I sang, I danced a merry dance and I smugly paraded my gorgeous, snot-free children before the world. But alas, the next day you were back with a vengeance.

You appear in a variety of colours, ranging from a sludgy yellow to an almost neon green. My subconscious must have been on form the day we chose the colour scheme for our bedroom as you blend in nicely to the duvet covers when the kids arrive for their morning snuggle.

You can strike at any time. Usually when I've just got dressed, or on the rare occasions I have blow dryed and straightened my hair. Sometimes I don't realise until I look in the mirror and am confronted with a scene similar to that in There's Something About Mary.

Your longevity and sheer quantity has lead to a constant crusty nose on my youngest. And almost like a vampire longs for sweet blood, I lust after picking off the jewel-like cluster. Of course this doesn't go down well the host, so much so I can barely get within a one metre of the fella with a tissue in my hand. I have had to develop a new method which involves sneaking up from behind, and whipping my hand round at super quick speed, followed by a burst of song or dance to distract from the inevitable shrieks of protest.

I'm not sure if you are a particularly powerful strand? But my oh my, you can shoot out of my son's nose at quite a speed and go quite a distance. If you're still around next year maybe the pair of you could go for Britain's Got Talent?

As I round off this post, a loud 'aaaaatchoo' comes from the other room. I shout through to my daughter to get a lowdown on the damage. 'On a scale of 1 to 10, what are we dealing with?' She calls back, 'Uh oh, it's a really long one..... oh no, it's okay he's wiped it. On your coat.'

Roll on Summer.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Double Trouble

We have two children. A girl and a boy. The perfect balance, a nice even number. 'The matching set' as some people have put it. I am grateful every single day and thank my lucky stars for these healthy, gorgeous children. To be honest, I'm baffled that life has turned out so good. I've had a pretty amazing husband thrown my way too.

But. BUT. The people who told me having two children 'is much easier, you just need a bigger changing bag', lied. It was, in fact, a big fat lie. It's not easy at all, it's darned hard work. 

There are two and half years between the kids. I was so anxious about The Giggle Monster coming along and how The Whirlwind would react, having been in the limelight all her life. I needn't have worried, she accepted her new brother into our household with a relaxed nonchalance only a toddler could carry off. He was an easy baby and The Whirlwind's life carried on much the same, only she had a slightly sleep deprived Mummy she had to prod awake every now and then.

Fast forward to today. Today we have a interested, interesting, sociable,  4 and a half year old live wire, who is constantly asking, 'what's next?!'. We also have a interested, interesting, not-so-sociable nearly two year old live wire who sways between loving life and finding fun everywhere, to finding life really quite frustrating.

His frustrations often revolve around toys. The Whirlwind is playing with something he wants so he growls/shrieks at her. Sometimes, bless her, she moves on to play with something else, only for a minute later the pattern to be repeated. Sometimes his growls and shrieks tip her over the edge and she cries and stamps her feet. The Giggle Monster finds this funny, so he shrieks and growls some more. This doesn't go down well with The Whirlwind.

We try and play board games at the table but of course he climbs up and destroys the game. We make things out of Lego and he pulls them apart. We try and read books together but they fight about who's going to lift the flap. I take them out and they both want to go in different directions.  

I can't split myself in two. I wish I could. I feel like neither of them get enough quality time with me.

But there's no use in dwelling. This is a challenging time for our family.  The Whirlwind is due to start school in a few months time and I'm sure she is ready for that extra stimulation. The Giggle Monster is at a tricky age, but I know it's a phase they go through and it will pass.

And for now, I will treasure these moments. These moments that tell me it is worth it:

Making mud pies

'You can do it, Mr.!' - The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind helping her brother wash his hands for lunch.

Say 'Ahhhh!'

Easter bunnies

Sharing a book

A challenging time yes, but also pretty magical too.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Listography Top 5 Male Solo Artists

I haven't blogged for a while, life keeps getting in the way, but when I saw that Kate's listography this week was music related I had to join in.

1) Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks. What an album. I love every song. I possibly know all the lyrics. ( And he smiled at me when I shouted 'Bob! Give us a smile!' at a gig in Brighton. No, really he did!)

2) Bob Marley - Legend. Yep, hands up, I have a thing about Bobs. Legendary, this album certainly is.

3) Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams. I would be surprised if this turns up on any other lists, but I love Jack Johnson. His voice is so soothing and listening to his albums really relaxes me. The summer of 2005 I went on holiday - Singapore to Brisbane, to Fiji, to Melbourne and then home via Las Vegas and I swear I heard it at every place! Happy memories.

4) Ryan Adams - Gold. My Dad who writes at Apache Territory once wrote a post called An Album That Everyone Should Own. He's right. You should.

5) Van Morrison - At the Movies: Soundtrack Hits. Van the Man. He's a grumpy old git, but boy can he belt 'em out. Bit of a cheat putting a best of on, but it is such a good one.

You can check other people's lists out over at Kate takes 5.