Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The ultimate car album for kids

Make an album of my favourite songs to introduce the kids to music.  (Number 62 Day Zero Project)

Both the kids already love music and we regularly go to music classes and sing our little hearts out to The Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald’s Farm. It gets us out and they love it, but I do want the children to learn some ‘real’ songs.

My original intention was to compose an album. However, after going through our entire iTunes library, I ended up with over 70 songs so I have organised them into 4 albums which I will post separately.

Here is the first one, perfect to listen to on car journeys:

Yellow Submarine – The Beatles
Mr. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan
Three Little Birds – Bob Marely
I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
3 is a Magic Number – Embrace
Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles
One Day Like This – Elbow
Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles
My Girl – Otis Redding
Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
Warerloo Sunset – The Kinks
In the Morning – Norah Jones
Dreams be dreams – Jack Johnson
( Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

The first half are a collection of upbeat, sing-a-long numbers, and the second half a little more chilled out. 

I really hope they feel as passionate and excited by music as I am when they are older. Already Yellow Submarine is a new favourite with The Whirlwind.

Any to add?


  1. Kels - this will make a nice selection for any age. Will try to find a few songs to add to your list x

  2. Here we are Kels:
    Dooing the Doo - Betty Boo
    Sugar Town - Zooey Deschannel
    Woo Hoo - the 5678's
    Underneath the Arches - Max Bygraves
    Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey
    Baby I love you - The Ramones
    Great Balls of Fire - The Jolly Boys
    Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison
    Do you want these on a disc? x

  3. Funnily enough, Baby I Love You and Great Balls of Fire feature on my other 'albums'! Yes, that would be brilliant, thanks! x

  4. Such a good selection!
    Thank you for submitting to LAB - looking forward to your other music posts!

  5. Fab idea & good choices - can remember dancing round the kitchen with my 2 when they were smaller to Banana Pancakes. Wrote a similar post a while back here with some other tunes on that the children liked

  6. Fab choices. Have you heard any of the Yo Gabba Gabba albums? They have songs by The Killers, The Shins and The Flaming Lips amongst others on them. All 3 are well worth investing in. Also 'Here come the ABCs' and 'Here come the 123s' by They Might Be Giants are not only educational for the kids but they're bloody catchy as well!

  7. I love love love Banana Pancakes by Jack Johson, its guaranteed to make me happy anytime! x

  8. Oooh what a superb collection - I want that album :)


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