Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My verdict on the tracks you gave me....

Number 96 of my Day Zero Project was 'Ask my friends to give me the name of one track that they love and I probably don’t know and listen to them all'.

Music. It’s my drug. Or maybe I should say, was.

From a family passionate about music, it has always been a big part of my life.  I have neglected this part hugely lately. Test me on any kids programmes theme tunes. I will know all the words. Charlie and Lola’s Bestest story collection? Yep I can pretty much recite that word for word too. This doesn’t cut it though when you're out for dinner and someone asks, ‘so what have you been listening to lately?’.

It was for this reason I chose number 96 on my Day Zero project. 

It’s taken me a while to complete this task :18 songs = just over an hour of listening? Amazing how hard it is to find that hour.

Anyway, bit by bit I did it. I actually listened to them all twice. What lovely friends I have with such eclectic tastes! There really is a mixed bag here.

So, just a few words about each one:

Cory Branan – Miss Fergson
Loved, loved the feel good chords and twinkly riff in this little number.

Fionn Regan  - Violent Demeanor
Haunting. In a good way. Reminded me of Bob Dylan. Very poetic lyrics.

James Vincent McMorrow – This Old dark Machine
I listened to this once. I then headed to Play.com to buy the album followed by The Arts Centre website to purchase tickets to see him next month. Enough said?

Christine - House of love
Really stayed with me after listening to this one. Love the harmonies and the depth it gives to the lyrics.

The Smiths – Started Something
I did listen to The Smiths when I was younger. Mainly when I went through my vegetarian phase I think! Never came across this one though, I like it a lot. Rather bouncy for a Smiths song.

Nightfly – Donald Fagin
Cool. Smooth. Slick. Just what you promised. Y-e-s!

Georgie fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder
My Dad knows me so well. Love this song. This is exactly why I should have been born in the 60s. Damn it.

The Dixie Chicks – Godspeed
What a beautiful lullaby. It has a real element of sadness to it so I looked up the lyrics and turns out it was written by a Dad estranged from his son. Very sad. 

Frank Turner – Live Fast Die Old 
This was always going to be reliable coming from my old gig buddy. Listening to this makes me want to learn all the words and go and bounce up and down, hugging strangers, covered in beer and sweat.

Prince – Raspberry Berret I missed out on a lot of 80s music because I was listening to 60s music. Prince is an icon. He is extremely talented. But his music is just not for me.  Sorry Emma!

Laura Marling - Goodbye England ( Covered in Snow)
 An acoustic guitar. A beautiful voice. Some great lyrics. I will be listening to more of this young lady.

Sharpen the Knife  - Who Knew  
Yes! This is the one to dust your air guitar off for and head to the mosh pit! Great stuff!

Ben Howard  - Diamonds
Reminds me of Jose Gonzalez a lot. Which I love.  Have ordered this one too.

Flightless Bird Iron and Wine
Stunningly beautiful. One of those songs that sends a surge of emotion through you.

Dario Marianelli – The Dominoes Fall
Powerful music. This made me feel nervous and anxious. I will watch ‘V for Vendetta’ as my film beginning with V! ( Number 40: Watch 26 films atrting with the letter ‘A’)

Thank you so much everyone for your contributions! :-)


  1. I'll listen to all of these when I have a break from planning at some point :). Glad u liked Sharpen the Knife!

    1. I certainly did and have listened to it a few times since! x

  2. What a great idea Kels. I'm certainly going to listen to some of these. I can pass on another 500 or so songs if you like? x

  3. Hmmm yes I may have to give myself 500 days to listen to them though! x

  4. Such a lovely idea to ask your friends. My husband sometimes put music on my iphone-music/songs i don't know-to see what i think and i like them. Interesting! The only song i know is the Prince song -which you don't actually like. Try Purple rain though. That is a fantastic song!
    Thanks for submiting your song to the showcase!Comeback next week,

  5. Great post. Losing touch with music when my eldest was born is what inspired me to start my blog. Wish I'd asked my friends the same question at the time. Great band I'm listening to at the moment is Django Django - seeing them live with Mammasaurus next month!


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