Monday, 2 January 2012

Listography: Top 5 photos of 2011

Kate Takes 5's first listography of the year is to pick your 5 best photos from 2011. This was hard. I can hear what you're thinking- because I have stacks of stunning, arty pictures of my beautiful family? Er, no.  I am rubbish at remembering to take photos. I am rubbish at taking photos. Most of them are a bit blurry (in an unintentional, non-arty way) and tend to involve the subjects sporting missing limbs. Or heads. To add to the problem, The Whirlwind developed a 'pirate smile' earlier this year, which she would treat us with every time we said, 'say cheese!'. This involved squinty eyes and a lopsided smile. Attractive. Not.

So here are my favourite pics from the select few:

Me and my girl in Tarn Hows, Cumbria

 Do you like how I made the back bit all blurry and then slowly came into focus on the subject? I did this on purpose. It shows how our family are connected to, and in fact merged with,  nature. *ahem*

Sibling love. 

My handsome boys. Excuse the pink hat.

Considering this little fella has been hanging off my hip for the last 18 months, surprisingly this is one of the very few pics I have of him and me.

Yes, we are all posing and looking at the camera. I know this is not cool. But we all have our eyes open. We are all still. We are not blurry. All vital limbs are present. This is therefore a good photo in our standards. I promise to try harder in my 365 Day Photo Challenge I started yesterday.

I can't wait to get over to Kate's and check out other peoples' entries.


  1. A family full of models if ever I saw one. Gorgeous! x

  2. Lovely pics. Gorgeous family. Good luck with 365 :) Or is it 366?

  3. Ah thanks both of you! I've misinterpreted the 365 thing a bit, I'm just taking a photo every day of whatever. I'm too much of an amateur for the other one!x

  4. Very gorgeous family.
    Happy new year

  5. Well considering you take rubbish photos, those are actually very lovely!

  6. Lovely pictures :) Sibling love is my favourite x


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