Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dear So and So

I saw this meme earlier today at 3 Bedroom Bungalow, where the brilliant Kat writes 'letters' every week to get a few things off her chest. I've often got things to get off my chest so......

Dear darling Hubster,

I love you so much.

I love that you have things that you are passionate about .

However. HOWEVER.

When I am drifting off to sleep at night after a long day chasing after The Crazy Kids, I do not want to talk about watches.

I don’t want discuss which one of your watches is my favourite. I don’t want to talk about which one you are going to buy The Giggle Monster for when he’s older (the latest excuse to buy a new one). I'm not really fussed about the size of the face and even less bothered about the size of the twiddly knob bit.  While we're on the subject, I also don’t want to talk about cars. Or even campervans.

A back rub would be nice though ;-)

Lots of love,
Your ever devoted (except when tired) Wiffey xxxx

*          *         *         *

Dear CELEBRITY Sister To Be ( hopefully!!),

Hello! You don’t know me but hopefully very soon you will! My Mum is going on a date with your Dad on Sunday! I know, it’s so exciting!

I always wanted a sister! We can paint our nails together, watch girly films, talk shoes, talk boys…….well you can. ;-) I can joke with you now we’re nearly sisters right?!

Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed for Sunday!

Lots of love and sloppy, sisterly kisses,
Kelly xxxxxxxxx

*          *          *          *

Dear Nurse,

So today you invite me into your room. Sit me down all smiley, smiley. Then you jab a needle into my vein  and suck out lots of my blood. And then, and then…… you give MY CHILDREN chocolate buttons??!!

Where were mine??!!

Yours grumpily,
The one with the maimed arm. 

*          *          *           *

Dear mini roundabout users,

Hey guess what?! Newsflash! Mini roundabouts are exactly the same as normal sized roundabouts! The same rules still apply. Shocker!
That is all. 

Many thanks, *grits teeth*

*          *        *         *

Dear wearer of the black hoody with ‘moody mare’ emblazoned across your chest,



*          *         *          * 


  1. Always a good idea to get this stuff outta the system.It made me laugh and I hope it made you feel better! x

  2. Wow Pops, you were on it like a car bonnet! I accidentally pressed publish instead of preview, so sorry about all the mistakes!x

  3. Seriously, watches when you're trying to sleep? You poor thing. The worst thing I have to deal with when trying to sleep is trying to sleep!! Very tempted to write my own letters now, problem is I may accidentally send them and that would not be good :-)

  4. Ahahahahaaha I love it u have such a funny/emotional writing style!! Watches?!! How can anyone find them interesting?!! xx

  5. Thank you :-) You'd be surprised....I've got my bets on that Adam gets out his watch porn this avo! x

  6. Ha!!! loved it, sending a big bag of buttons your way

  7. Roundabouts are called circles in NJ,USA. At any size they can be a PITA...usually because there is always one A$$ who doesn't know the proper way to drive through one.

    I agree watch-talk at bed time is lame...However, it is probably a bit boring and therefore might work well as a sleep enhancer. LOL

    mmmmm, chocolate!


    PS consider removing word verification (especially this sneaky kind) and consider comment moderation, it is more visitor friendly.

  8. Love it, these really made me laugh! Your blog is brilliantly written; I'll be back :)


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