Monday, 9 January 2012

Dear Baby Boy

As part of my Day Zero Project, I am writing a letter to my children on their birthdays. I missed Giggle Monster’s 1st birthday as it was back in July so I have decided to write one today instead as he is exactly 18 months old. 

Dear Baby Boy,

You are 18 months today. My, my.

You are a constant in my life.  Every day we hang out, you and me. Your big sister goes off to Nursery now and Daddy goes off to work.  But you and me. It’s always you and me.  

I am 374 months. It’s hard to conceive how little of my life you have been a part of really. But wow, what a big part you have become.

You were a pretty chilled out baby. You just tagged along with whatever we were doing. Just hanging out in the sling was good for you, or sitting on my lap while I played games with The Whirlwind. You were pretty content simply watching the world pass you by.

You weren’t in a hurry to crawl or walk. You took your first steps at nearly 14 months old. I thought with you being the second child it wouldn’t be such a big thing. But it was still just as magical and my heart swelled with joy.

You adore your big sister and your Daddy. Your face lights up and you squeal with delight when they enter the room. And vice versa.

From the age of one you have loved cuddly toys, particularly Panda. If things are getting a little tough, we go and find Panda and you bundle on top of him and give him a big bear hug. Panda and your teddies in your cot give you great comfort. This morning I smiled as I listened to you over the monitor babbling away to them all, telling them all sorts of tales and important stories I'm sure.

As well as cuddly animals you are amazed by real ones. You are in heaven walking around Whitlingham Broad, with all the dog walkers, swans, ducks, geese and birds to point and chat away to. Daddy took you to the zoo on Sunday for the first time since you were a little and you were in heaven.  A particular fan of the giraffes apparently.

My favourite time of the day is 6.30pm. You flag a bit about 4. It’s hard work sometimes to keep you going ‘til tea time. But once you’ve had your tea, that’s it. It’s Crazy Time!! Crazy Time involves: crazy dance moves, crazy spinning round in circles, crazy walking, crazy running, and lots and lots of crazy laughter. Crazy time often entails crazy bundling on the bed also. Amazingly, though, as soon as I mention the word ‘book’ you are in my lap and ready for some serious lift the flap action. And then I pop you in your cot, place your teddies under your arms and away you go, dreaming of beautiful swans and giant pandas, no doubt.

You want to be involved with everything I’m doing, which is so sweet. You help me load up the washing machine and hang it out. You help me to unload the dishwasher. You even ‘help’ me clean. If you notice a mark on the carpet, you are soon there armed with a babywipe scrubbing away. 

You gotta train 'em early!
You said your first word last week, ‘duck’. I know some children are talking alot by now, but it still made me fiercely proud. Now whenever a duck comes on the TV or appears in a book we are reading, you point and say, ‘dut!’. I love it every time.  I can’t wait to talk to you some more.

Baby boy, you have completed our little family. You have brought even more joy and laughter into our home. We all love you so much.

I can’t believe next time I write to you, you will be two and no longer a baby. 

I guess you will always be my baby though.

Love you millions and squillions,

Mummy xxx


  1. I love writing letters to my boys and I think in the future we will treasure the words we wrote and hopefully they will too :-)
    He sounds like he is adored.I love 18months old,it's a time of wonderment I think xx

  2. Hey Jess, yes I'm hoping it will be a nice thing for them to look back on, even when they have children of their own. It sure is a lovely age x

  3. Theo just looks so grown up in this picture. Lovely shot x


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