Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Christmas in numbers

 1 is the day in December that I finished my Christmas shopping.

24 is the day in December when most of the Christmas shopping got wrapped. The rest will be wrapped tonight. Or in the morning.  

21 is the number of handmade Christmas cards The Whirlwind and I managed to create.

62 was the number of people on the Christmas card list. (Sorry about that, will try harder buy ones from Tescos next year).

7 is the times I have had to change my bank password when online Christmas shopping.

2 is the number of tins of chocolates I have bought for other people and then eaten myself.

5 is the number of drinks vouchers The Hubster’s company  give each attendee at the Christmas Works Night Out.

5 is the number of drinks too many I consumed at The Hubster’s company’s Christmas Works Night Out.  

8 is the number of times the sides of the wrapping paper didn’t meet in the middle.

4 is the number of recycling bins filled with cardboard on Christmas day.

97 minutes is the time spent undoing these buggers:

3 is the number of animals murdered to provide my delicious Christmas dinner. ( Can you tell I’m well over my vegetarian phase?)

27 is the number of times the children asked if it was time to open their presents yet.

365 is the number of days until it all starts again……..

Merry Christmas everybody!!


  1. 5 is the number of glasses of red wine I had at a great Boxing Day party at your house. x

  2. Don't you just love flugle binders (wire ties) as they are know in our house ! Why oh why do there have to be a thousand in every childs present ? and a child jumping up and down wanting the toy NOW ! I got sooo excited when there was a present without one !

  3. That's what they're called! Yes I am totally with you!x


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