Thursday, 1 December 2011

50 things that make me happy

That's right, I'm banging on about my Day Zero Project again! Don't worry, only 987 days to go ;-)
Number 17 is to 'identify 50 things that make me happy.' I'm being a bit sneaky and linking this to the lovely Mummy From the Heart's blog hop Reasons to be Cheerful.

Things that make me happy:

1      Watching the children play together when they don’t know I’m looking
2      Wearing flip flops
3      Climbing into a freshly made bed
4      Snuggling up and sharing books with my babies
5      A glass of chilled white wine in the sun
6      A glass of red wine in front of an open fire
7      Airports
8      Surprise (sloppy) kisses from my children
9      Walking through snow and that lovely crunching sound
10  Warm sun on my skin
11  Coming home to a tidy house
12  Tummy chuckles from Giggle Monster
13  The smell of freshly cut grass
14  The Hubster telling me I am a wonderful mother and wife
15  Strumming my guitar
16  Listening to music
17  Writing
18  The Whirlwind saying ‘I love you Mummy’ for no particular reason
19  Being massaged
20  The sound of birds twittering
21  Waking up naturally
22  Fine dining
23  Having a good chin wag with my pals
24  Spending time with my parents
25  Krispy Kreme donuts
26  Getting comments on my blog
27  The Whirlwind getting verbal diarrhea because she is so excited about something
28  Spontaneous proclamations of love from The Hubster
29  Eating a meal without the kids and only having to concentrate on feeding myself!
30  Teaching The Whirlwind a new word and then hearing her use it in context
31  Seeing Giggle Monster embrace his teddies
32  Someone else doing the 7 o’clock tidy up
33  Receiving a card with a personal message in it
34  Giving presents I have carefully chosen for people
35  Having a shower/bath
36  Getting immersed in a good book
37  Autumn colours
38  Being in the great outdoors and not being able to see anyone else apart from who I’m with
39  Thrice cooked chips with mayonnaise
40  Shopping for clothes/shoes/handbags
41  Dipping my feet into the sea and discovering it’s actually not that cold (this hasn’t happened very often!)
42  Fizzy Percy Pig tails from M and S
43  Seeing the kids bringing enjoyment and pleasure to others
44  Planning holidays
45  Weddings
46  The sound of rain hammering at the window at night
47  Crossing things off my never ending to do lists
48  Hearing from a friend I don’t hear from that often
49  The smell and feel of a brand new book
50  Discovering new places

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  1. Well I guess I am a lot lot older than you but your list of happy things is so similar to what mine would be. for instance I love airports too! There are so many interesting people to watch and this is coupled with the excitment of either going somewhere or coming home!

  2. Some superb things in there that would make me super happy too. You have made me want to go and change my bed now, I love crisp and fresh linen!

    Mich x

  3. Wow 50! Good for you :0) I have to say 3, 4, 5, 8 and 49 are mine too.


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