Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Christmas in numbers

 1 is the day in December that I finished my Christmas shopping.

24 is the day in December when most of the Christmas shopping got wrapped. The rest will be wrapped tonight. Or in the morning.  

21 is the number of handmade Christmas cards The Whirlwind and I managed to create.

62 was the number of people on the Christmas card list. (Sorry about that, will try harder buy ones from Tescos next year).

7 is the times I have had to change my bank password when online Christmas shopping.

2 is the number of tins of chocolates I have bought for other people and then eaten myself.

5 is the number of drinks vouchers The Hubster’s company  give each attendee at the Christmas Works Night Out.

5 is the number of drinks too many I consumed at The Hubster’s company’s Christmas Works Night Out.  

8 is the number of times the sides of the wrapping paper didn’t meet in the middle.

4 is the number of recycling bins filled with cardboard on Christmas day.

97 minutes is the time spent undoing these buggers:

3 is the number of animals murdered to provide my delicious Christmas dinner. ( Can you tell I’m well over my vegetarian phase?)

27 is the number of times the children asked if it was time to open their presents yet.

365 is the number of days until it all starts again……..

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Now I'm The Whirlwind

Now I am four, I am bigger. Obviously. Mummy has been slowly stocking up on 4-5 clothes being the super-organised Mummy that she is. Up until now they have been way too big. But guess what? I woke up on my fourth birthday and, hey presto! They fitted me:

Now I’m four, I tell brilliant jokes. Michael McIntyre: watch out! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the gravy! Why did Rapunzel cross the road? To get her hair cut! Mummy and Daddy find these jokes of mine particularly funny. They don’t think I notice, but I see them exchange those sly, cheeky grins.

Now I’m four, I am braver. I used to cry over everything and anything, but now I'm really trying hard not to. Except for when my brother poos in the bath. Oh and pulls my hair.  And slaps me round the face and then laughs in it.

Now I’m four, my I doing really well at remembering to say ‘I’ and not ‘my’. Bit annoyed that now Mummy is going on about forgetting to say ‘I am’. Though, strangely, earlier when I proudly stated, ‘this is I’s toothbrush’, she told me to say ‘my toothbrush’. Sheesh, there’s no pleasing some people.

Now I am four, I am starting to get a little emotional over films. Yesterday Mummy and I were snuggling up on the sofa watching a Christmas film. The little boy in the story asked Santa whether he could spend Christmas Day with him, as his family didn’t really like Christmas. I thought this was soooooo sad. I really tried to be brave but I just couldn’t stop the tears. I looked over at Mummy and she was crying too! She said, ‘gosh, we’re a right pear aren’t we?!’ Not quite sure why she was going on about fruit. Grown ups do baffle me sometimes. Perhaps I’ll understand them a little more when I am five….

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 5 things that make Christmas Christmas

A week to go folks. Now The Whirlwind's birthday is out of the way has been celebrated, we are officially getting into the Christmas spirit. Kate's listography this week is, well, as the title says.

Here we go:

1. Bringing down the Christmas sacks full of Christmas books, DVDs and general Christmas paraphernalia the week before Christmas and sharing them with The Whirlwind and Giggle Monster. 
2. Spending a cosy night in wrapping presents with The Hubster, accompanied by mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas tunes.
3. Salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast served with a glass of bubbly on Christmas day. 
4. Getting in the Christmas spirit and shouting out 'Merry Christmas' to every stranger we come across on Christmas day.
5. Finally, but most importantly, spending quality time with my wonderful family.

Now I'm off to check out other people's lists at Kate Takes 5. See you there!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

You know you're a parent when.....

You have experienced an overwhelming urge to pick a nose that is not your own.  
You’ve been slapped in the face numerous times by someone sporting a manic grin.

You’ve had your teeth kissed.

You’ve had your toes nibbled.

You’ve had someone fart in your face. With their naked bottom. At close range.

You have found yourself jumping around the living room Hacker style, singing ‘who’s a cheeky boy?’ just because, apparently, it’s hilarious to do this.

All your jeans are worn at the knees.

You’ve had someone poke their finger in your belly button and push down really hard. This feels horrible, and so the inevitable reaction seems to make it even more appealing.

You've had someone dribble in your face. 

This is the most action your bed gets:

Any I’ve missed?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dearest Ella Bella Bongo,

Today you turned four years old.

I can’t quite believe it. On one hand it feels like time has hurtled by at the speed of light, but then I can barely remember life without you now. My little sidekick, my number one girl.

We knew within weeks of your birth that you were strong willed. You know what you want and you know how you want things to be. Though at times this can be challenging, I love this quality in you. I know as you get older this will lead you to success and happiness.

You love the outdoors. Last week we went to Eaton Park and you had a great time on the climbing frame. You are so brave and determined. You had even more fun running to the top of the BMX hill and then pelting down so fast your legs were a blur. Then you and Giggle Monster decided to roll down the hill, giggling together with pure joy. By the end of it you had leaves in your hair and were covered in mud but you didn’t care.

You started a new preschool in September. The first day you kissed me goodbye and off you went. I am so proud at how independent and confident you have become. Within a week you had made your ‘best friend’ Ellie and you are still inseparable. You make friends very easily wherever you go. Today we were in a jewellery shop and you took it upon yourself to go and show the shopkeeper the jewellery you had made that morning. Unfortunately she didn't offer to sell your wares, but there's some definite potential entrepreneurial skills there!

You are lucky that you see JoJo, Gramps, Nanny Sue, Grandma and Grandad lots. You are so loving and affectionate towards them. You are a little ray of sunshine in their lives.

In the past year your brother has gone from being a fairly inactive baby to a very active toddler. He stumbles about, hitting you with wooden spoons, grabbing all your toys and demanding my attention. You are so wonderful with him. You have never hurt him and you look out for him. He adores his big sister.

Every day you bound down the stairs and burst through the door clutching Pink Teddy and Bunny and give me the biggest smile. It's the best way to start the day, don’t you ever stop that. 

I can’t believe I only have a few precious months left before you go off to school. I’m going to miss you so very much. But I know you will love it and you will have a whale of a time. We are going to make the most of these last special months.

Until next year my beautiful girl.

I love you millions and squillions.

Mummy xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Day in the Life of The Giggle Monster

Apparently people have become a little bored of Mummy writing all these boring lists and banging on about her Day Zero Project.  So, due to popular demand I’m back for the day. It’s not been a particularly eventful one, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little taste of how other peoples’ daily lives tick by.

Mummy's main activity this week has been lolling about on the sofa. Her voice is all croaky which is extremely annoying. Reading books is my favourite thing to do and frankly her skills just aren’t up to scratch this week. She gets halfway through, and starts sighing, and going, ‘ow, ow, poor me, my throat, cough cough cough’. Honestly. She’s such a drama queen. She should try having man flu, then she’d know what being poorly was all about. 

Anyway she’s mainly been throwing toys in our vague direction and shouting croaking instructions from the sofa, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates has been on repeat. After watching the Princess Pirate episode for the seventh time,  I decided it was time to find my own fun. The saying 'only boring people get bored' is so true. Fun people always have fun, that's what I say. (Did you see what I did there?)

I found The Whirlwind’s box thing with all the flaps? I just love flaps. Mummy and The Whirlwind were a bit annoyed that I pulled a couple of them off. But they were asking for it! Just flapping around like that, teasing me. 

I spent quite a bit of time tearing up a loo roll. I love doing this. I find it quite therapeutic. Talking about therapy, I reckon Mummy could do with some. She really overacted to seeing the whole roll in bits. Actually I think maybe it was the bits in her tea that she really objected to.

It had been quite a busy morning and I started to feel a bit peckish. It didn’t look like Mummy was going to be up to knocking up too many culinary treats today so I used my initiative and went on a hunt. I came across this blue box. I wasn’t quite sure what was inside, but mmmmm it smelt good. I ripped open the box and the foil said ‘Eat Me’. 

Well, if this wasn’t a sign………..But then Mummy snatched it off me! I was so cross, I threw myself to the floor and banged my head on it self-harmer stylee. That usually gets a reaction. She started singing ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom.’ I’m getting a bit wise to this. 'Distraction techniques' I believe they are called. Ha, I’m on to you Mummy. Oh, I do LOVE this one though. Oh and the excitement of the 5,4,3,2,1 bit!! And the finale when we get to jump up in the air and throw our hands up! Such fun! My Mummy’s great.

I think Mummy felt a bit bad about the whole lying on the sofa thing so decided to spice things up a bit and introduce me to paint. How fun is that stuff?! Of course, I am a baby, so I had to do the obligatory exploring of it using my senses. My hands went in it, I had a little taste, I looked at all the patterns it could make….when thrown on to the floor. Great times.

We were pretty messy after the session so Mummy dumped us straight in the bath. I love baths. They are so warm. Soooooo relaxing, ahhh. My sister soon put a stop to the tranquil atmosphere though when she started to shriek and jump up and down. ‘Mummy, mummy, heeeeeeelp!!! There’s a poo in the bath!!’ Oooops. That didn’t mean to happen. But, come on! Blimey. You can tell where she gets her tendency to overact from. Women!
At this point Mummy starts muttering things about ‘leaving a trail of destruction wherever you go’ and ‘can’t wait to get you into bed’. Charming, hey? Luckily I was feeling pretty tired so I didn’t mind, I’d had a busy day.  And I guess I need to work up some energy for tomorrow’s adventures.

Until next time folks!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Growing up and things I've learnt.....

When do you become a grown up? Is it when the clock strikes midnight on your eighteenth birthday? Or when you first move out of your parents’ house and have to run a home of your own? Or perhaps it’s marriage that signals the change, or children? Or is it when you find yourself doing something so sensible like making your bed every morning?

Sometimes I feel too grown up for my 31 years. Sometimes I feel I am still just ‘playing’ at being a grown up. 

For Christmas last year my Dad gave my brother and I some written guidelines, or 'top tips' for life. It was a very entertaining and insightful read. It inspired me to think about what advice I would give to my children about, well, being grown up and 'life' I guess. So kids, here’s the list:

1.  Find two or three things you are good at. Hone these skills and treasure your talents. They are part of what makes you special. 
2.  Smile.
3.  Be proactive about the things you can change, accept the things you can’t and move on.
4.   Make friends, lots of them.
5.  Be active, it’s the best medicine for your body and mind.
6.  Drink lots of water. Cheaper and more effective than any moisturizer and better than any diet.
7.  Buy and read a newspaper once a week.
8.  Three drinks in a night is plenty, four is pushing it. Any more and you will probably regret it.
9.  Don’t bother with dieting. Eat sensibly and treat yourself every now and then.
10.  Dance and sing even if you aren’t any good at it. It can increase your life expectancy you know!
11.  Don’t spend too much time worrying about what other people think. Chances are they are not thinking what you think they are.
12.  Only watch TV programmes you are interested in.
13.  Mistakes are part of being human. When you do make them, take what you have learnt and move forward. Don’t dwell.
14.  Never take risks when it comes to personal safety.
15.  Find a career that you love but that doesn’t consume your life.
16.  Focus your time and energies on the people who really matter and give you back the same. Be civil to the rest.
17.  Be calm.
18.  Take a minute every day to be grateful for all that you have.
19.  Learn, learn, learn and never stop.
20.  Try not to smoke. Cigarettes are addictive, expensive, make you smell and can kill you.
21.   Enjoy money, but always have a little set aside. You never know what’s around the corner and when you might need it.
22.  See the world. It’s amazing.
23.  Never go to sleep on an argument.
24.  Develop your own values and beliefs, but be open to new ways of seeing things. Be tolerant of others who think differently.
25.  Don’t fret about things you don’t like about your body. No-one else ever will.
26.  Working hard will mean you will enjoy partying hard all that more.
27.  Wear clothes and colours that suit you, rather than always following fashion.
28.  Take lots of photos and write about your experiences. Memories are so precious and don’t last forever.
29.  Have fun! And last but definitely not least…….
30.  Make your bed every day!

What would be top of your list?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

50 things that make me happy

That's right, I'm banging on about my Day Zero Project again! Don't worry, only 987 days to go ;-)
Number 17 is to 'identify 50 things that make me happy.' I'm being a bit sneaky and linking this to the lovely Mummy From the Heart's blog hop Reasons to be Cheerful.

Things that make me happy:

1      Watching the children play together when they don’t know I’m looking
2      Wearing flip flops
3      Climbing into a freshly made bed
4      Snuggling up and sharing books with my babies
5      A glass of chilled white wine in the sun
6      A glass of red wine in front of an open fire
7      Airports
8      Surprise (sloppy) kisses from my children
9      Walking through snow and that lovely crunching sound
10  Warm sun on my skin
11  Coming home to a tidy house
12  Tummy chuckles from Giggle Monster
13  The smell of freshly cut grass
14  The Hubster telling me I am a wonderful mother and wife
15  Strumming my guitar
16  Listening to music
17  Writing
18  The Whirlwind saying ‘I love you Mummy’ for no particular reason
19  Being massaged
20  The sound of birds twittering
21  Waking up naturally
22  Fine dining
23  Having a good chin wag with my pals
24  Spending time with my parents
25  Krispy Kreme donuts
26  Getting comments on my blog
27  The Whirlwind getting verbal diarrhea because she is so excited about something
28  Spontaneous proclamations of love from The Hubster
29  Eating a meal without the kids and only having to concentrate on feeding myself!
30  Teaching The Whirlwind a new word and then hearing her use it in context
31  Seeing Giggle Monster embrace his teddies
32  Someone else doing the 7 o’clock tidy up
33  Receiving a card with a personal message in it
34  Giving presents I have carefully chosen for people
35  Having a shower/bath
36  Getting immersed in a good book
37  Autumn colours
38  Being in the great outdoors and not being able to see anyone else apart from who I’m with
39  Thrice cooked chips with mayonnaise
40  Shopping for clothes/shoes/handbags
41  Dipping my feet into the sea and discovering it’s actually not that cold (this hasn’t happened very often!)
42  Fizzy Percy Pig tails from M and S
43  Seeing the kids bringing enjoyment and pleasure to others
44  Planning holidays
45  Weddings
46  The sound of rain hammering at the window at night
47  Crossing things off my never ending to do lists
48  Hearing from a friend I don’t hear from that often
49  The smell and feel of a brand new book
50  Discovering new places

See what makes other people tick by looking at some other entries for Reasons to be Cheerful