Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reasons to Be Cheerful

So here's my second entry to Mummy from the Heart's linky Reasons To Be Cheerful. Just to remind you all, I'm joining in with this every week. Because every week there are reasons to be cheerful, even though some weeks you have to look that little bit harder to find them.

Here we go...

1) There has been a birth in the family this week. The Hubster and I went round to meet the little fella and have a squeeze on Thursday. He was simply perfect. I have to admit I went completely soppy over him. Holding him in my arms, I watched his long fingers curl up and unfurl and his tiny mouth make an 'o' shape. Magical. Unfortunately there has also been a death in the family this week. It is extremely sad and heart breaking. However, there is definitely some comfort in the reassurance that this is all part of life's cycle. Birth and death, sad endings and new beginnings. Let's celebrate them both.

2) Last night I went to see The Help at the cinema. It was the first book I read this year and nothing has come close to being as good. The film didn't disappoint. But, phew, was it emotional. I just about held back the tears, had I not been in a public place I would have been blubbing all over the place. It is shocking disgraceful dispicable horrifying to learn how black people were treated just 50 years ago. The actresses all played their roles so well. I wanted to punch those vile, ignorant women who treated their fellow females so badly. I wanted to shout with celebration with the characters who were brave enough to tell their stories and help to make a change. I wanted to shake those women who didn't bring up their children as they were too 'busy'. So. This week I am grateful. I am grateful I live in a place where this no longer happens and where we are equal, irrespective of our colour. I am grateful that I am the most important person in my children's lives. I am grateful to have friends who respect me, are kind to me, listen to my opinions and have their own. I am grateful to have a husband who would never lay a finger on me. 

3) The month of December is just round the corner. I'm not great with the cold, but I do love December. It's such a month for celebration. It's The Hubster's birthday next weekend and The Whirlwind's fourth birthday the weekend after. Then there's a few Xmas doos here and there leading up to the big C day. Again, I've never been the greatest fan of Christmas but having children brings a whole new meaning to it.

4) I have 7 things ticked off my Day Zero Project! I started on the 16th November so I'm really pleased with myself. I needed focus and motivation and it has certainly given me this. I'm still feeling as excited about it as when I started. Let's see how many I can tick off this week!

Thanks for reading. If you want to check out some more reasons to be cheerful, just pop along to Mummy From The Heart to see some other entries. 


  1. A mixed bag of emotions this week I imagine. They do say as one comes, one goes away. Life and death both make us that bit saner for a while.
    Your number 2 is very powerfully written. Take care as it appears you have a very busy time ahead of you

  2. Hello I wasn't sure how to get in touch with you so I've just blob bed my comment in here!

    I'm Jess from splashes & dashes of yellow and I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment about my spelling promise!

    I love the look of your blog and I'm going to add it too my reader,nice to meet you :-)


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