Thursday, 24 November 2011

The One Where Giggle Monster Takes Over

Mummy and Daddy really are rather brilliant.  They want the best for me in life, so of course they take me to the best places.

Today they took me to DFS. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages.  I’m rather fond of climbing onto our sofa at home. I love slithering back down on my tummy, or sometimes I like to mix it up a bit and go down on my bottom. Anyway, imagine my delight when I enter the most enormous room I’ve ever seen, full of sofas!

Mummy and Daddy put me in my pushchair at first. Huh, that didn’t last long. Mummy tried to get me to sit on a sofa but to be honest I think actually sitting on sofas is overrated. So off I went. I ran about looking at the different colours and feeling the different fabrics. Mummy chased me and it was just, well, hilarious really. Mummy didn’t look like she was having quite as much fun, but hey ho each to their own and all that jazz. 

Next I discovered the coffee tables. They were so shiny! I peered into one of them and you’ll never guess what? There was another baby in there, staring right back it me! I know, it freaked me out a bit too at first, but then I saw he had a cheeky grin just like me and we laughed at each other, lots. I’m sure we could have had more fun, but Mummy called me away as this woman with a duster started making this weird clicky noise with her tongue? I don’t know what her problem was. I’d be well chuffed if I landed myself a job here. I then did this really big sneeze. I love sneezing. It really makes me laugh. The lady with the duster did not share my enthusiasm for sneezing.

Once Daddy had signed away his life to the man selling the sofas, we headed off. It really was a fun filled morning. I got to run around, it was really funny, and it was free! ( Mummy and Daddy are teaching me to be financially astute so I know this is a good thing).

So, next time Mummy and Daddy are toying with where to take you, DFS is the place! 


  1. More like this please Kels - great post x

  2. Brilliant blog Theo - hope you like your new sofa to scoot along! Love Daddy


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