Friday, 18 November 2011

Madmen, mango Bellinis and crazy shoes

For my birthday this year I asked my Mum to take me to London for the day. I wanted to shop, eat and see a show. But most of all, I wanted to spend the day with my Mum. Without anybody under 3 foot stealing our attention.

Pre-children my Mum and I had some adventures. In the space of 4 years we travelled the world (twice) and visited three European cities. We threw ourselves off cliffs strapped to strangers’ backs, white water rafted in countries that clearly hadn’t heard of Health and Safety and got into exclusive nightclubs by acting disgraced that we weren't on the guestlist. My Mum does have a habit of attracting fun, drama and trouble in equal measures wherever she goes. So I wondered what the day might have in store.

Our first destination was Notting Hill. As we settled ourselves into our seats on the tube we soon realised we were sharing the carriage with a nutter. At first I could hear an aggressive exchange going on but then it became apparent that the guy in question was having the conversation with himself. I wasn’t sure whether this was better or worse. We both sat there imagining the worst and planning how we would protect ourselves and each other from this potential knife wielding maniac that he had morphed into in our minds.

I am happy to report that he got off at the next stop and we got through the day unscathed. We had a great time. We met my lovely brother for lunch. We laughed along to Legally Blonde. We had a mango Bellini in the Masala Zone in Covent Garden. 

(They're all the rage in India at the moment, didn’t you know?)

I had a very tasty Thali.  

And all in the name of my Day Zero Project (Number 59. Buy a pair of ridiculous, impractical shoes), I bought these beauties:

There was no diving off cliffs involved, but all in all a very successful trip!


  1. Next city break... Istanbul. Soon please!

  2. Just watched Tamara Ecclestone on the town in Cannes. Have to say her shoes don't match up with yours! x


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