Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Top five places I'd like to visit

It's that time again, it's Kate's listography and this week she has chosen another passion of mine- travelling.

So in no particular order:

New Zealand. We (or should I say I?!) have already planned a trip to celebrate our 40ths in 2020. I do like to plan ahead. Just me, The Hubster, the two kiddiewinks, a campervan and The Great Outdoors. Can't wait. (Although I'm clearly going to have to, nine and a half years to be precise.)

 The Yasawa Islands, Fiji. I spent a week on the main island, Suva, in 2005. It was paradise but apparently these islands are even more idyllic.

Norway - I physically crave to travel. To me it's what life is about. I guess I see myself as reasonably 'well travelled'. When I met The Hubster travelling had not been such a big part of his life as it had mine. He told me he had visited Norway. Norway, I thought? Who goes to Norway? Then he showed me his pictures. Those fjords are a feast for the eyes.

The Maldives - I don't think this one needs any explanation does it? Does anyone not want to go here?

The Galapogas Islands – I remember seeing a nature programme on this amazing island as a child and I have dreamt of going ever since. It's a piece of history isn’t it? To walk in the steps of Charles Darwin. My absolute favourite animal of all time is the tortoise. They are so graceful and wise looking, I could sit and watch them all day.

So if you are reading travel agents, yes of course! I will be happy to write you a review of any of the above in exchange for an all expenses paid trip. Hell, go on then. I'm feeling generous. I'll do all five.

What would yours be? Come on, don't be shy! Make a comment and then go over to Kate Takes 5 and check out some other entries.


  1. Has the Lake District gone down a few places over the last year??

  2. 1).North Korea

  3. Campervan? Check. Husband? Check. Kids? Check. What more do you need? Sounds fabbo. That's my dream too, tho I'd plump for the US of A.

    I like how Danny Boy would visit North Korea. I hear it's lovely this time of year ;)

    Oh, I love your blog too, btw!

  4. All fabulous. I did the campervan thing in New Zealand with husband but without kids. It rained everyday and we nearly killed each other. I'm sure you will fare much better though...
    Oh and send that travel agent over to we when you've finished with them. x

  5. Dan - What do you need to do Blackpool for when you've got the stunning seaside town of Great Yarmouth on your doorstep?!

    Motherventing - thanks for commenting. Us of A nearly an appearance but already been to a few states and well, the world is just so big and I'm not sure we have time to revisit!

    Kate - really?! Aw dear, it's not sounding quite so appealing now!

  6. Whoops forgot you Amy! Hmmmmm I think I have had enough of it for the time being though will definitely be up here lots when the kids are a bit older so we can climb some mountains and stuff! x

  7. Great list Kelly! As I said on Kates, Norway is awesome put that high on your list if you can, and if you do it during winter then you might get the bonus of Northern Lights! Galapogas Islands! Great call!

    Thanks for checking out my list from your newest follower!

  8. Ah thanks for that Lee, I will bear that it mind! Look forward to reading more from you soon x

  9. ...and here are the votes of the Hopton Jury.
    1 Southern states of the US
    2 VietNam
    3 Barbados
    4 Namibia
    5 Hebrides,Orkneys, Sky, Mull.

  10. We fancy doing the campervan thing through New England in the fall with the two boys, but first a trip to Dinsey in 2013, at least we have something to look forwrd too!


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