Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Big Move

‘Moving house’ always seems to crop up on those ‘Most stressful things in life’ lists. Now I really would like to be one of these carefree, skip-along-not-worrying-about-a-thing types. But unfortunately I’m not.  I could find one million and two things to stress about whilst lying on a beach somewhere exotic being fed grapes, fanned and having my feet massaged. That’s how much of a stress head I am.

So I was fully expecting the need for copious amounts of red wine and chocolate to see me through the week of The Big Move. And lots of deep breathing. All week people were asking me, ‘How’s the packing going? Are you feeling stressed?’, ‘ Are you coping? Can I help?’, ‘Oh it must be soooo hard, you must be soooo worried and stressed and on the edge!!' I’m telling you, I almost began to feel stressed and worried about not being stressed or worried.

So the day came and went. No extra grey hairs to report, in fact I kind of enjoyed it. I have to say we had a fabulous team of friends and family helping out and we could not have done it without every single one of them.

You know I love a list. So, here are Kelly’s Five Top Tips on Moving House:

1) Minimise. We made a decision at Christmas that we just had too much stuff. We have been thinning it out ever since. By the time of The Big Move, we had gone through every drawer/box/wardrobe in the house and chucked a lot of stuff away. This was undoubtedly the key to our successful move. We were pretty ruthless.  Armchair? Chuck it. Who needs more than two seats in their living room anyway? Twenty seven teaching files? Nope, I fancy a new career, chuck ‘em.

2) Pack off the children. I did try and pack some boxes before the penultimate day of The Big Move. I had limited success however, mainly due to The Giggle Monster's favourite game du jour, which involves reversing everything I do. It goes a little like this: I put toys in the toy box, he takes them out. I put the folded laundry in the basket, he takes it out. I pack a box……You get the picture. My Mum had the kiddiewinks for two whole days while we moved. Wowsers. I’m telling you,  the amount I got done not having to chase these two crazy kids around! I would be dangerous if I didn’t have children.

3) Go to the pub when you get completely fed up of waiting for The Call. As we sat there twiddling out thumbs, having packed up the house we joked about it. ‘Hey I know, why don’t we go to the pub and order some lunch, we’re bound to get the phone call then.’ Yep, you guessed it. It happened.

4) Have at least 17 spare boxes for the stuff under the sofa /beds. I’m not kidding, it’s amazing what we found. It just kept coming. Have you ever wondered just where the partners to all those odd socks are? I have your answer, they are having a little private party all of their own under your bed. One of the bags will be filled with coins which should just about cover the solicitors fees.

5) Keep possible clashes in personality at opposite ends of the house. In our case, The Hubster stuck with the garage and I concentrated on the third floor. This worked well. Perhaps we should consider making it more of a permanent arrangement? Worth considering, on asking him what he loved best about our new gorgeous, family forever home, he replied ‘the garage. *Rolls eyes to the sky and tuts*

So the The Big Move turned out to be not that big at all.  Saying that I’ll be happy not to have to do it again for a while……..


  1. I particularly like point three on your list Kels. Did you manage to get a drink in before the phone call came? x

  2. The funniest part of The Move was when we arrived at the new house... 2x Vans, contents of the old house, Grand parents, Sue, Danny, Rob, me... but then we realised we'd left something behind (or someone!!). Oops, where was Kels?

  3. Pops - don't think I bothered with a drink but I possibly broke the world record with the speed I ate my burger and chips in.
    Ads - I was sitting on the stairs sobbing probably!

  4. Hi I've just read all your posts. Love this blog - a new gem! No pressure but am expecting big things. ;-)

    What is it with children and packing? We moved last year and it was impossible to pack a single thing with the kids around.

    Can I add one tip to that? If you're moving far (ie overseas so you can't pack any food with you), you need to clear out your pantry a good 6 months beforehand. It's amazing what you'll find... well, that's partly because I had an enormous walk-in pantry. I miss it. *Sigh*

  5. Aw jeez, thanks This Mid 30s Life! I feel like I just got praised up by my favourite teacher. *waves hands up and down in a worship-like fashion*

  6. I was just thinking what a great post and then I read 'I concentrated on the third floor'. Now I hate you.

  7. Ha, no don't hate me, it's only a 3 bed semi. I had another one of my regular blonde moments, it's a 3 storey, the third floor is a bedroom in the attic space. So it was actually the second floor. I'm easily confused. Hope I am forgiven ;-)

  8. You almost inspired me to chuck my 27 teaching files too. I have been hanging on to them since I left 5 years ago. I opened one the other day, because I am doing a workshop in a school, couldn't find what I needed, but it was all in my head still. good to meet a fellow ex teacher!

  9. Just do it Penny, it feels very liberating! You have confirmed what I did was right, as I thought even if did go to find something the chances are I wouldn't be able to, what with there being 27 and all!


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