Sunday, 8 May 2011

Picnic in the Park

So it was 4.30pm. The kids were cranky and as I peered out of the window, black clouds were looming in the distance.

‘Let’s go for a picnic!” The Hubster suddenly announced.

Now I’m not one for knocking a bit of spontaneity, so we got our bits together and as quick as you can say ‘I hear thunder’ we were at the park.

Just as we pulled up, the heavens opened:

But we weren’t going to let a bit of torrential rain scupper our plans so we got out and kitted ourselves out for the picnic.

Now I’ve had a bit of feedback on my first blog.  The Hubster’s not too familiar with the term ‘positive criticism’ and his comment was ‘it’s too long’. So I’m not going to detail the whole event. However, I would like to note a few points to follow when visiting the park on a rainy day for future reference. 

1)   Ensure all members of the family have correctly sized outer rainwear garments.

2)   Check all said family members have weather appropriate footwear, ie not open-footed/open-toed or fabric based.

3)   Cease the opportunity of a break in the rain to choose a picnic spot, but ensure it is close to a place of cover. ( Ideally one all members of the family can fit under)

4)   You know that spare bag of clothes you always drag around wherever you go but never use? Yep, don’t forget to bring it on this occasion. 

5)   If a goose comes at you barking (??!) in an aggressive fashion, DO NOT under ANY circumstances bark back.

This may just look like an ordinary goose to you, but I can assure you, this fella was ANGRY! 
I’m not sure this final one is weather related, but hell something got up his beak. 

Happy picnicking people!


  1. Next time Adam suggests a picnic I suggest you ignore him.
    Never trust a goose! I had my welly ripped off by one when I was 8 years old - nasty creatures.
    Infact I roasted my potatoes in goose fat today, so they do have their uses!

  2. Mmmmmmm, yummy!! Next time I see a goose with an attitude problem I will just shout 'goose fat roast potatoes!!'at it and see if that makes him scarper!

  3. Lovely to meet you, thanks for your comment at mine. I've had a bit of blogging fatigue so I can't tell you how much opening my blog to your comment cheered me up. Blogging does make me happier and I hope it does you, and thanks for the reminder!
    I love your pictures, glad the rain didn't put you off. I love posts that make the everyday moments with kids shine like this :)

  4. Oh dear! At least you can laugh about your trip out and despite the angry goose you had a good time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and it's lovely to meet you. I've only been blogging just over 4 months myself so a newbie. Welcome to the world of's a lot of fun. Look forward to reading more from you x

  5. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement fellow bloggers, I look forward to catching up with more snippets from your lives soon :-)


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