Monday, 9 May 2011

Bad combinations

As part of this blogging business I have been reading around and getting inspiration and ideas from fellow bloggers. Kate at is my type of person - she just loves the humble List. So much so every week she thinks of a new list 'theme', writes her list and then fellow bloggers can write their own version. 

This week the theme is 'bad combinations'.


1) Frothy headed beer/ moustauches

Not good look. Always a bit awkward for the drinking companion too - do you mention it or not?

2) Children/ wind

In my first year of teaching a colleague said, "Oh the wind's up today, the kids will be climbing the walls'. 'What is this crazy fool on about!?',  I thought. But six years of teaching later, I can vouch for this - it's true. Wind makes children go completely dolally. No idea why, just another one of life's little mysteries. 

3) Short tops/ leggings.

Just no.

4) Small objects/ nostrils

There was once a raisin related incident. It was resolved with a between the knees head lock and a pair of tweezers. A hairy moment. PLEASE NOTE: Do not try this at home, this is not the recommended procedure for such situations.

5) Sand/suncream

Inevitable combination, but bad none-the-less. Or sand/sandwiches, sand/knickers, sand/flip-flops- take your pick. Hell, anything combined with sand is bad. I don't like sand much.

Any to add followers?

Thanks for the inspiration Kate, I'm so new to this I can't work out how to comment on your blog, but I LOVE your work.


  1. ha ha the wind one is certainly true! x

  2. The legging issue is one I mentioned myself - such a bad look.

    Take care.

  3. What a great list - thanks for joining in. Now following you. I'm gonna watch out for that wind one...(I am ashamed to say that I once got a raisin stuck up my nose too - I think I ended up at the doctors...what WAS I thinking!)

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. Kate, well you know where to come next time! Another one to add to my long list of roles and responsibilities: Small Object Extractor. Oh I can feel another list blog coming on!

  5. Rofl. Loved the list especially number 4 which reminded me of my daughter aged two shoving one of those small round batteries in her nose. After I stopped laughing I did luckily manage to pull it out. Did not really want to explain that one to A+E.

  6. Thanks EmVi! I'm now off to check out yours!


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